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The International Parents and Kids Club (formerly known as International Mums & Kids Club, IMKC) is a non-profit, social organisation whose purpose is to support and lead activities for English speaking families with young children. We proudly welcome parents from all countries. IPKC provides a supportive environment with other parents and children, especially for families who are new to the area. We all know what it’s like to move to a different country and we want to make your adjustment to this area easier. 


The club was established in July 1996 by 19 founding members. There were around 130 members during the 2022/23 membership year.  Numbers can of course fluctuate during the years as families arrive and leave Zug or as children move on to nursery or Kindergarten. 

Nannies and other childminders are also welcome to bring your child/ren to our playgroups and activities. 


After many years based at the Christlicher Treffpunkt in Zug, we were looking for a fresh and bright new space which could also be used in the summer months and has an outdoor space. After a long searching period we found it and in December 2017 we moved to a location which is more child friendly and where we have more flexibility in activities and what we can do with the room.

We organise daily age specific playgroups or mixed age playgroups for the children to learn, play and interact with other children. We also hold family orientated events and social occasions throughout the year. The Club runs on a volunteer basis, so please let us know if you would like to help in any way. 


IPKC is pro vaccination and we adhere to the Swiss recommended policy on immunisations. Therefore, please respect this and ensure your child is up to date before joining a playgroup.


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